Friday, September 28, 2007

Apple Hat

By changing the shade of green I made Sarah's tomato hat into an apple hat.

Three Little Striped Hats for Sarah's Preemie Knit-A-Thon Contest

I'm going to keep the hats I make for Sarah's Preemie Knit-A-Thon Contest, which I'm sending to Bayne-Jones Army Community Hospital in Louisiana and the ones I make for Doernbecher separate. I keep track of the items I'm making for different places in the sidebar.

I love this simple and easy pattern and plan to make more of these.

OSU Hat for Doernbecher Hospital

This little orange hat with the black stripes might be for Halloween, but the colors are also Oregon State University's colors. As there are many fans around the state, I made one for Doernbecher.

Go Beavs!

Friday, September 21, 2007

Sarah's Preemie Knit-A-Thon Contest

Join Sarah's Preemie Knit-a-thon Contest! ! Just click on the link to her blog and post a comment. The contest is open until November 29th.

I will be knitting hats specifically for this project and I'll identify them as such when I post photographs. These hats will be going to Bayne-Jones Army Community Hospital in Louisiana (which just happens to be the state where Sarah lives).

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

And More Hats!

Three More Hats

Here are three more of the little hats I've knit recently.

Three Little Hats

These are three of the little hats that I've knit in the past few weeks.