Wednesday, October 25, 2017

More Information About Oregon's LIittle Hats, Big Hearts Program

I contacted the co-ordinator for Oregon's program and found out the following:

** The deadline is January 12, 2018
** The hats need to be all red with the only exception being a small amount of white as an edge or accent
** Hats need to be made of washable wool/acrylic/cotton
** Preemie hats as well as hats for newborns will be accepted

I am excited to become a contributor to this great program!


cindy lachine said...

Monique ... Do you happen to have the address or location for hat donations in Washington or Oregon?

Monique said...

Here's a link to their webpage
You can search each state for the address to send the hats.
Here are the two you were looking for;
Liz McLeron
Buisness Development Coordinator & Operations Manager
4380 SW Macadam Ave., Suite 480
Portland, OR 97239

Kristen VanWart
Sr. Community Health Director
710 2nd Avenue, Suite 900
Seattle, WA 98104