Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Looking for Inspiration

I've been looking through books, on websites, and in my files for inspiration. I like knitting hats and socks and mittens which are small, portable projects. I've knit burial gowns in the past, but they're difficult emotionally. I've also knit sweaters and one of my favorites is the five-hour sweater even though it takes me longer than five hours to knit one.

I'm cleaning my sewing room and have found many small balls of yarn left over from knitting socks. They're wool which would make them suitable for baby items for afghans for Afghans or for the Pine Ridge Reservation. Hats, mittens, or socks would all work. Maybe that's where I'll start this year. It might be fun, too, to think of a sweater where I could use small, odd-sized balls of wool. Maybe Elizabeth Zimmerman's Baby Surprise jacket?

Thinking. Thinking.

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