Thursday, June 26, 2014

Preemie Hats V

I knit these hats using the formula method.   For sock yarn I'll cast on 36 stitches with size 3 dpns and for fingering weight I'll cast on 44 with size 2 dpns.  I usually knit 8-12 rounds of ribbing--sometimes k2, p2, sometimes k1, p1. I'll vary that my occasionally knitting the knit stitches through the back loop.

The body of the hat is 20-30 rounds.  I've knit a few plain hats but they are boring to knit so I'll try different ideas.  A round or two of purl stitches in a different color, a round or two of purl stitches in the same yarn, a stitch pattern that can be easily divisible into the stitches (4 stitch patterns work well).  I often use stitch patterns I've used for socks I've knit  (see another of my blogs, Knitting Only Socks).  Simple Fair Isle patterns just above the ribbing would also work well.

I end with a top knot or an I-cord or a pom-pom.  It's easy to experiment here because these hats are so small.

The weather has been a bit cooler lately which makes it perfect for knitting.   I'm working two days this week and I've gone in early to have some quiet time to work on these little hats.


Alene said...

Do you still make donations to the pine Ridge reservation? I want to donate my items, but I want to send them where they are really needed. All charities are good, but some get swamped and others kind of get left out. What would you suggest. Thanks. Alene

Monique said...

I haven't in a while, but I think they're really needed there. This summer I'm focused on The Maine Mitten project. I like to work in wool so I look for places that will accept it. Another good place to send woolen knits to is Afghans for Afghans.

For preemie hats I prefer to send to local hospitals.