Sunday, August 24, 2014

Preemie Pumpkin Hat

I unfortunately have lost the pumpkin hat patterns I'd used previously and I had trouble finding a pattern I liked for a pumpkin hat and so I devised this one.  I have enough orange yarn to make three and I'm going to modify the pattern a bit to make tomato or, if you rather, apple ones.

Cast on 48 stitches, join in the round.
Knit 7 rounds
Knit 16 rounds of K6, P2
Knit 1 round

Attach green yarn
Rnd 1:  K 2 in orange, K 3 in green.  (K 5 in orange, K 3 in green)   Repeat in ( )  End K 3 orange
Rnd 2:  K 1 in orange,  K 5 in green. (K 3 in orange, K 5 in green)  Repeat in ( ) End K 2 orange
Rnd 3:  K 7 in green, K 1 in orange.  Repeat. Cut orange

Green only:
Rnd 4:  K3tog, K5 (36 stitches)
Rnd 5: Knit
Rnd 6: K3tog, K3 (24 stitches)
Rnd7:  Knit
Rnd 8: K2 tog, K2 (18 stitches)
Rnd 9: K2 tog, K1 (12 stitches)
Rnd 10: K2 tog (6 stitches)
Rnd 11: Knit
Rnd 12: Knit
Rnd 13: Knit
Rnd 14: K2 tog
Rnd 15: Knit

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