Saturday, September 20, 2014

Finger Puppets

I thought a long time about what I could make with small amounts of yarn that would work well for charity giving, had free patterns, didn't involve a lot of weaving in ends, and was fun to make!

My answer was---finger puppets! There are many free patterns on the Internet to make animals-- here and here are two examples-- and monsters like these as well as people. I have decided to start with the ones found here. I'll modify the hair and clothing from other patterns I've found so I'll be able to make dozens of them, no two alike. And because it's close to Halloween I'll be making some monster ones as well. Fun!

And what will I do with all these finger puppets? Give them away to the phlebotomy departments of a children's hospital so that children can be given one when they have blood work done!   I'll be sending mine to the Doernbecher Children's Hospital Phlebotomy Department in Portland.

Here is a photo of the first eight:

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