Thursday, September 11, 2014

Knitting Goals for the Rest of September

My knitting goals for the rest of the month are:

1. Finish the last of the 100 preemie hats for Doernbecher Children's Hospital  NICU.  I'm knitting hat #92 now so it shouldn't be long.

2. Mail the hats and mittens I've finished to The Maine Mitten Project.  I plan on working on more of these for next year, probably starting in January.

3. Knit and assemble finger puppets to send to the Phlebotomy Department at Doernbecher. I will put up photos and links on this blog once I have some to show.

4. Knit Merridy, an adorable tunic/dress for Violet.  I may wait to start on this in October,but I want to finish it before Violet's second birthday on November 1st.

5. Work on socks (see another of my blogs, Knitting Only Socks.

I also want to decide on what sweaters I want to knit for Isabella in the next  few months as well as Violet's sibling, due  in the early Spring.

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